Customized Island Wedding Packages and Destination Event Planning Services

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Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!

At A Wedding Breeze, we understand that while each wedding couple may desire a memorable wedding in an idyllic setting, you may be unaware of the process to create the wedding of your dreams.

We all know all the numerous categories that go into planning a wedding. From combining colors and cultures to selecting flowers and photographers to coordinating the ceremony and transportation and to matching themes and dreams. Phew!! There is so much to do and it can be overwhelming for the destination bride who is not on the island to look after every detail. That’s why A Wedding Breeze is your perfect partner in paradise to ensure that all of the elements of your tropical island ceremony are seamlessly executed by our expert staff to create your dream destination wedding.

A Wedding Breeze is lead by Kwanza Clay Bowe, a Certified Wedding Specialist and a Certified Travel Counselor We offer personalized service that is unparalleled by any other company on the island. We realize that planning your Destination Wedding on a remote island can have its own unique set of challenges such as trying to find reliable wedding vendors. We make it easier for you by breaking down the planning process and organizing it in simple steps. Let us handle every detail of your Destination Wedding before you even get on the plane.

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A Wedding Breeze can arrange for:

  • the hotel or private property accommodations for all of your guests
  • your airport transfers
  • all transportation on island or on boats
  • island tours & gifts
  • spa treatments, tee times and more

Photo by Reno Curling

Make A Wish!

Dreams do come true with A Wedding Breeze. Know that every detail will be professionally handled…the overall wedding planning process is broken down into 7 basic categories that we call “Explore Exuma”

Explore The Vision

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Explore the Plan

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Explore Your Inspiration

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Explore The Island

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Explore Your Options

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Explore Your Style

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Exhale! Allow yourself to just be.

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Explore the Vision

In this first step, we get real about the vision you have for your wedding, and yes, that means the money, too. Also, we’ll talk about your guestlist, because we can’t have a budget without knowing how many people are on your guestlist. So, we’ll discuss generally your ideas and how much money you have for your wedding because whether it’s 2 million or 2 thousand, it’s never enough! We’ll customize a budget planner specifically for your wedding.


Explore the Plan

Here we get clarity and get things started off on the right foot.  We will review our overall wedding plan and our organizational process, which will allow you to understand what’s truly involved in planning your dream destination wedding and focus on your priorities and put it on paper. We’ll focus on one exciting element at a time to get things done efficiently and effortlessly.


Explore your Inspiration

We’ll start designing your wedding with what I call your “Expressions” sessions. This is where we will have fun making inspiration boards, pinboards and stacks of photos that will help you figure out what you want.  Based on your own personalities, interests and style, not just what others have told you, we’ll discover your own inspirations that are right under your nose and we’ll turn these into your personalized wedding theme. Usually you can’t even see what you want because you get in your own way.


Explore the Island

We’ll look at the activity and tour options that are available on the island that you want to share with your guests to create the long lasting memories of your destination experience.  Whether you are looking to have active and adventurous activities or just relaxed, we will discuss the options to make sure most importantly they are all FUN, and offer the laid-back atmosphere to connect with every one of your guests for longer than just a day.


Explore your Options

You will never have to worry about selecting the best venue and the bridal vendors for your wedding.  We’ll help match them from the very start.  We’ll introduce you to vendors that not only match your budget but also compliment your personality and style.  We’ll only take you to vendors who we know, like and trust and have your best interest at heart.


Explore your Style

Feeling and looking exuberant means selecting your wedding attire and accessories that make you feel exquisite and look fantastic on you.  We talk about hair and make-up and fashion to round out your overall beauty.  It’s not about the labels or what’s hot, it’s about you and your body.  We’ll help you tap into this and trust your intuition and not get talked into things by pushy sales people and even loving family and friends.



Allow yourself to just BE. BE a Bride, BE Happy, BE love, BE calm, BE present, BE free to totally relax and enjoy the full experience of your dream wedding day!

After we’ve hired all you fantastic vendors, planned and designed your beautiful wedding, we’ll put it all together and implement your wedding dreams. We will detail and distribute wedding day itineraries to every person on your wedding planning team.  They will know ahead of time what is expected of them, what they’re providing for your dream wedding day and when we expect them there.  You will be able to envision how this will all come together beautifully and trust that we will orchestrate and choreograph every single detail for your wedding day desires. We will manage and direct while you relax and enjoy being the star attraction of your dream destination wedding day.


Make your dream wedding a reality.

Photo by Reno Curling